Our Company. Our Passion. Our Process.


As Andrias would say, "a wedding is but a day; a marriage is a lifetime!"

We are not just wedding planners. We are about the business of preparing you for the kickoff to your forever marriage. Its bigger than the wedding! We are here to help you blend families and prepare for the rest of your lives together... and we don't take that responsibility lightly. Our goal is to help you enjoy every part of the planning process while soaking in every moment of your engagement and your wedding day.

Our Process

While there are many tasks in the process of planning a wedding, the foundation of our process is quite simple:





We begin by listening and explore through questions to help us understand your background, your relationship, your interests, your culture, your family, your vision, and your needs


We use industry research and best practices to educate our team and educate our clients. We create resources and worksheets to help you make informed decisions during the process.


We use the wonders of technology to provide you 24/7 access to your custom planning portal, save you time using video calls and conferences, and provide you realtime planning updates.

Our Team

"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"

And that's why its critical that we have passionate team members who are committed to going the extra mile. The Andrias Events Team is comprised of industry professionals who have dedicated their careers to exquisite event management. Whether they work with us full-time or part time, we invest in the education of our team and the resources we need to succeed.

Each team member is trained by Andrias and given tools, tips, and tricks that make our services unique and efficient. Our team continues to grow as we take on new projects and we are truly a big family!


Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of Progress

Our team uses a client portal to manage all stages of the planning process, share real time updates, coordinate with vendors, and keep careful records of the details involved in your wedding. We use technology to create efficiencies in the planning process and to teach you all about the wedding planning process as we go along.

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