Our technology

Weddings may be time consuming, but they certainly don't have to be HARD! The key to a stress free planning process is EFFICIENCY! Andrias looked for ways to make our tasks, processes, and communication plan easier, not only for you, but for us too! We landed on a few key tools that have been game changers for our business and our business relationships.

the portfolio

We are constantly looking for ways to optimize the planning process and bring you ease and comfort as you make critical (and let's face it...expensive) decisions. Here is some information on our current list of tools we use internally and externally to give you the best service! Check back often, as we are always adding new gizmos and gadgets to our portfolio.

planning portal

Our team uses a client portal to manage all stages of the planning process, share real time updates, coordinate with vendors, and keep careful records of the details involved in your wedding. You will have access to your customized planning portal and all of the updates we share by computer and mobile devices 24/7. More details are below!

real time scheduler

Why waste time trying to coordinate schedules between you, your fiancé, your family, your vendors, and our team?! We use a real time scheduling system that allows all of the appropriate people to go in and select the times that best work for them. We will have your consultations, vendor meetings, and site visits scheduled in no time!

virtual meetings

We realize that life doesn't stop while you are planning your wedding. You still have work, family, travel, and play to do and we want you to enjoy that. So, we use a video conferencing system that is available to from your computer or mobile devices and encourage meetings through the system to cut down on your travel and coordination time!

your planning portal

The planning portal has become our event bible. Every detail, every communication, every contract, and every inspirational picture goes into one organized place that you will have access to at ALL times! Here's a bit of information about the portal and all it can do. However, its best seen and not read. Click the button at the bottom of this service list to schedule your demo of our software today!

  • Mobile-Optimized Planning Dashboard
  • The dashboard shows real-time planning progress, upcoming appointments, deadlines, and notes
  • Planning Checklist
  • We can collaboratively see and check of each and every task for your planning process
  • Calendar
  • We will centralize wedding appointments and meetings, deadlines, and payment reminders. This calendar can push to your normal chosen calendar (outlook, google, iCal) to integrate with the rest of your life as well!
  • The Design Studio
  • The studio is really a set of mobile photo albums and will serve as your personal pinterest board placed in wedding specific categories that we can easily share with vendors and keep in one nice, neat place!
  • Guestbook
  • An interactive tool that allows you us to keep track of your invited guests, their needs, RSVPs, and meal choices!
  • Layouts & Seating
  • An interactive tool that allows us to create a scaled diagram of your venues and provides a drag and drop option to seat your guests at each table
  • Reporting tools provide easy ways to create escort cards, printed seating charts, and catering lists
  • Contacts
  • We will keep all of your vendor information, contracts, payment plans, deadlines, notes, and files in one easy to locate place, categorized by vendor type
  • Budget
  • We will use our comprehensive budget template to set individual spending limits for each wedding category, keep track of expenditures, payments due, and where we are in the process at all times!
  • Notes
  • We will share educational resources that assist you in understanding and taking full advantage of the planning process and the portal.
  • I've developed worksheets that help you thinking through elements of the wedding decision making process that can be easily communicated to vendors.
  • We will also keep track of the details that are important to you and give you access to see all of your details come to life!
  • Website
  • The system includes a simple website system that you can use to communicate with your guests and share wedding information. While you are certainly welcome to use your favorite wedding website system, we make this available in case its helpful to keep all of your information in one place!
  • Categories
  • We will categorize every note, every vendor, and every task and give you access to sort by category at any time! Its a very neat way to see the story of a particular wedding element. Ex. Florals, Catering, Entertainment, etc.
  • We will also create custom event timelines by vendor so they can focus on the information that is most important for them!

Again, this innovative and interactive planning system is included in your package! There's nothing quite like it and we continue to make improvements with each and every event that we do. We can't wait to get you in the system and take you on the magic carpet that is your client portal!